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思维导图软件Mindjet MindManagerMac版是一个创造、管理和交流思想的通用标准,其可视化的绘图软件有着直观、友好的用户界面和丰富的功能,这将帮助您有序地组织您的思维、资源和项目进程。

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Mindjet MindManager for Mac 11.1.160 介绍

思维导图中大名鼎鼎的MindManager ,相信了解思维导图的都知道,就不多介绍。Mindjet的 MindManager 软件高度的互动性与视觉化设计,可活化您的思维,捕捉您的无限构思丶资料与知识并加以组织,助您聚焦于各种任务或专案项目。 有人称之为思维导图。您则将称之为您的竞争优势。


Mindjet MindManager提供给商务人士一个更有效的、电子化的手段来进行捕捉、组织和联系信息和想法。 作为便笺,挂图和白板的数字化替代品,提供更快的理解、更好的判断和减少会议时间来提高工作效率。


Version 11.1.160:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.11 or later running on a 64-bit Intel processor.

  • Expanded Template Library – Visualize new paths to achievement, growth and profit:
    • See your tasks, ideas, plans and possibilities in whole new ways with more than a dozen inspired NEW and improved templates, each designed to empower sharper thinking, smarter decisions and better outcomes.
    • Timelines, workflow diagrams and concept maps illuminate correct paths and drive efficient action
    • Venn, onion and swim lane diagrams give you a clearer understanding of relationships and intersections
    • Customizable matrices empower you to correlate ideas and quickly assess risk, reward, value, urgency, priority and more
    • Enrich diagrams leveraging the full breadth of MindManager features and functions to create robust portraits of concepts, strategies and plans
  • Digital Architect – Your vision. Our tools. Endless possibilities:
    • Customize existing templates with shapes, swim lanes, text boxes, images, dividers and more, to clarify relationships and accountability. Or create whole new structures to organize and understand your world. You have free rein over the way your map looks, the story it tells about your business and the results it helps you achieve.
    • Create custom business process models and strategic plans that are beautiful, meaningful and easy to execute on
    • Visualize a plan, proposal or your entire business in new ways that can expose risks, highlight opportunities and reveal unexpected new paths to goals
    • Add logos, headlines, images, and other design elements for a branded look and feel
  • Interactive Presentation Export – Make your point with REAL power:
    • Introduce a new level of polish, professionalism and impact into the viewing experience with the latest evolution of the HTML5 Interactive Map Export. Present the exact content you want recipients to see, exactly the way you want them to see it, with clear, simple controls that make navigation effortless for map pros and novices alike, and keep them focused on your map’s substance, not its structure.
    • Maps can be viewed and navigated as easily as PowerPoint, removing the barriers between your content and your audience
    • Choose Standard or Presentation mode to control the viewing experience
    • Maps can be easily shared on websites, intranets, or as files
  • Publisher – Send your maps on a journey of their own:
    • Some maps are too good to keep to yourself. Our new Publish tool lets you quickly and easily share maps with colleagues, show proposals and plans to customers, or simply put your masterpieces “out there” for others to learn from, be inspired by and build on.
    • Share maps via link, or embed directly into blog or social media posts
    • Publish content customized with your company or product logo for a branded experience
    • Viewable by anyone with a web connection and browser – no license necessary
  • Multiple Topic Links: Enrich map topics with multiple external links, for instant access to all the resources that give support and context to your map content.
  • View Link Titles: Clear, concise hyperlink text shows the destination page title, or your own custom wording, so everyone knows exactly where they’re going, before they click.
  • Map Roll Up: Pull together and summarize selected data from other maps into a single dashboard map that keeps key information visible, up-to-date and top-of-mind
  • Manage Tasks: Track task effort, task milestones, calculate summary tasks using task roll-ups, manage task dependencies and utilize a project calendar to track working days.
  • Multiple Tabs: Quickly switch between diagrams by merging them into a single tabbed application view. Drag tabs to reorder diagrams or open them in separate windows.
  • Topic Count: See how many subtopics a main topic contains without having to expand it, for an immediate sense of its depth and detail.
  • Mindjet MindManager for Mac 11.1.160 下载

    Mindjet MindManager for Mac 11.1.160 下载

    Mindjet MindManager for Mac 11.1.160 下载

    Mindjet MindManager for Mac 11.1.160 下载

    Mindjet MindManager for Mac 11.1.160 下载

    Mindjet MindManager for Mac 11.1.160 下载

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